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ux design

Learn how to understand people better, design stunning, research-driven interfaces, and create real business value from a team that’s been doing it for more than 16 years.
This isn’t just another design course.


Design that serves people, serves business. 

Learn what we’ve learned the hard way for the last 16 years.

We've spent our careers working in the trenches for awesome companies like Fitbit, Bell and Scholastic. We've never regretted hiring an expert to help us get to the next level, and this is our way of sharing our knowledge so you don't have to wait 16 years to be a truly valuable designer. 


How to do research, for real. Learn how to engage customers and potential customers through deep conversation that gets to the heart of why they buy a product, or hire your client for a service. 

How to be a more confident, effective designer, Creating great interfaces doesn't happen by magic, or in isolation. Learn the framework for making solid design decisions that creates a successful outcome every time. 

How to keep clients engaged, and sell your ideas. Doing great research and designing a beautiful UI are only 2/3 of what makes a successful project. Learn how to collaborate effectively with your stakeholders to create a more impactful end result. 

Start With People


Style + Structure


Execution + Handoff


Most courses teach you the basics of research, or how to design pretty interfaces. We know, because we used to teach them, but we knew we could do better. UXDMC will give you a deep understanding of people, how their motivations impact design decisions, how to execute flawlessly based on that knowledge, and how to keep clients excited and collaborative along the way. This isn't just another design course. Join us, won't you?

“Designers’ toolboxes are growing exponentially, where “hybrid” actually translates into a multi-faceted expertise in interaction, visual, motion, etc., as opposed to a “master of none” approach. By taking this course, designers can combine those skills with a true understanding of their impact on the business and further differentiate themselves from the growing crowd of design experts. ”

John Rafferty
Design Director, Fitbit

“This course will help design veterans pick up some new skills and help the ones just starting out short-cut a ton of key learnings on their way to becoming a better designer, better freelancer, and better client guide. ”

Stephen Megitt
Former CEO of FIlament

Is this course for you? Absolutely.

Whether you’re in product or service design, just getting started in UX, have a few years under your belt, or run your own design practice, you’ll learn new ways to understand people, create business value, and execute at an exceptional level. We guarantee it.


29 Lessons that will help you hone your skills, learn best practices, and create value as a designer, no matter what level you’re at.


Support from a team of UX/UI experts. Benefit from our 16 years of agency experience designing products used by millions.


Lifetime access to all course materials, exercises, templates, source files, and our Slack Group

Ready to get started? We can't wait to have you on board!

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